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When you establish a fund with Your Community Foundation you get many benefits:


•   Create a Legacy: You have the ability to name successors to continue the tradition
of giving.


  Stewardship: There is always a risk that a nonprofit organization’s mission or leadership may significantly change. Your Community Foundation monitors many of the charities our fund creators support and can help them respond to these changes. Where Fund Creators have established permanent endowments with us, we can help assure that if such changes do occur, the funds are reallocated according to the original intent.


•   Accountability: An annual independent audit ensures fiscal responsibility.


•   Immediate Tax Benefits: You receive tax benefits the year your gift is made. Gifts to
the Community Foundation receive the maximum tax advantages for income, gift, and estate tax purposes.

You may qualify for an immediate federal income tax deduction and may avoid the capital gains tax through the donation of most long-term appreciated securities.


•   Tax-Free Growth: Assets grow tax-free, providing the potential for greater charitable gifts.


•   Low Costs: Donor-advised funds offer a philanthropic alternative to private foundations with no start-up costs and low administration expenses.


•   Flexibility: The Community Foundation can receive many kinds of assets and may make grants to a variety of community organizations. We strive to design gift plans to meet your objectives.


  Objectivity: The Community Foundation is a conduit for charitable dollars and is not the end user. While our unrestricted funds are reserved for qualified applicants within our service area, other funds established by donors are not bound by these guidelines. Our sole objective is to facilitate philanthropy.


•   Grant Recommendations: While the potential income tax deduction is taken immediately, Fund Creators can recommend grants to their favorite charities throughout the life of the account.


•   Recognition or Anonymity: You can choose whether or not to be recognized for the charitable grants from your donor-advised fund.


  Effective Leadership: A Board of Directors composed of knowledgeable leaders representing diverse segments of our community provides overall direction and policy. Our professional staff is also available to assist you, bringing together years of philanthropic expertise.


•   Professional Management: Our Investment Committee has carefully selected a team of investment managers to cost-effectively oversee Your Community Foundation’s capital resources. These managers are reviewed regularly and are replaced if deemed appropriate.


•   Impact & Performance: Your outright or deferred gift can meet both current and future needs in Central Mississippi as those needs change. Your Community Foundation has served Hinds, Madison, and Rankin Counties since 1994.



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