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A recent study of more than 300 professional advisors by US Trust (download here) concludes that the vast majority of high net worth (HNW) individuals give to charity, and many feel that philanthropy is an important aspect of their wealth experience. HNW individuals are increasingly relying on professional advisors for support with their charitable activity. However, the philanthropic conversations with and advice provided by their advisors are not always aligned to their needs. Several disconnects between HNW individuals and advisors center on the initiation and substance of their philanthropic discussions. Such discussions can play an important role in an individual’s or family’s wealth experience and have implications for their wealth planning and management. These conversations can also help advisors deepen relationships and grow their businesses by connecting with clients on something truly meaningful to them.


The Community Foundation of Greater Jackson is a great resource for advisors. Attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, brokers, insurance agents, and other professional advisors can and should use the Community Foundation to help achieve the charitable giving strategies of their clients. Here’s why:


1. As a public charity, the Community Foundation offers the highest level of tax benefits for charitable giving. Fund Creators may give cash, stock, closely held securities, real estate, or personal property and receive maximum tax benefits.


2. Through planned giving that integrates philanthropy as part of overall financial and estate planning, advisors can ensure that their clients receive the full benefit from contributions, while supporting the local community and charities of their choice.


3. Clients can establish Donor Advised Funds with the Community Foundation. These very popular instruments allow clients to make a charitable gift and stay personally involved in suggesting uses for that gift over time. We are frequently named in bequests as stewards for estate assets that clients wish to direct to address specific areas of community need in perpetuity. Giving to the Community Foundation also provides clients time and resources for evaluating potential grant recipients, and the ability to support multiple charities with a single gift.


4. Your Community Foundation has in-depth information on local needs and nonprofit organizations. When clients ask how they can make sure their charitable gifts are most effective, advisors can turn to the Community Foundation for information. We are familiar with the programs and agencies that are working effectively in the specific areas interesting each client. We are in touch with local organizations and activities addressing the broad spectrum of community needs—ranging from the environment, arts, education, and economic development to special programs for youth, family and seniors.


The Community Foundation of Greater Jackson can and should be your partner in strategic philanthropic planning.




Professional  Advisors

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, your client will benefit from knowing more about the Community Foundation. We are happy to work through you to introduce this opportunity.


• Does my client care deeply about the local community?

• Is my client interested in creating or continuing a personal or family legacy in their community?

• Would my client like to stay personally involved in the use of their gift dollars?

• Does my client want to receive maximum tax benefit for charitable contributions under federal law?

• Does my client place a priority on sound financial management and use of their contributions?

• Is my client considering the creation of a private foundation, but concerned about cost, grants requirements and administrative complexity?


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