Why Create A Donor Advised Fund?

•  Spend less, have more to give and avoid more complicated forms of philanthropic giving, such as family or corporate foundations.

•  Enjoy a convenient and flexible tool for individuals, families, businesses or groups who want to be personally involved in suggesting grant awards from their fund.

•  Receive maximum tax benefits in the year your gift is made, even at the last minute. We specialize in opening funds on December 31.

•  Establish a charitable legacy in your name, in the name of your family or in honor of any individual or organization you choose. Or, name a fund so that it provides anonymity for your giving.

•  Recommend grants to 501©3 organizations in the tri-county area, or to any U.S.-based charity.

•  Have confidence that your gift is carefully invested and managed using proven stewardship and best practices.

•  Add to your fund at any time, and receive a tax benefit with each new gift.


The story of a Donor Advised Fund in action:

The history of our oldest endowed fund proves the value of establishing permanent, endowed Donor Advised funds. The Donors made a tax-deductible gift, named the fund, and began making grants from a portion of the balance. The fund is accounted for separately and is carefully invested and managed by the Community Foundation. A brief timeline of the fund tells the story:

•  December 1995: Gift of $850,000 made to the Community Foundation

•  Through October 31, 2010, the fund has earned $829,253.

•  Through October 31, 2010, the donors have awarded grants of $905,402.


As of October 31, 2010, the fund’s investment earnings equal 98% of the original gift. The Donors have made more than $905,000 in grants and the fund balance still represents 91% of the original gift. After their deaths, the successor fund advisors will take over. Click here>> to contact us about creating a fund.



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